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Goals and Initiatives

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Pathways to Resilience Goals and Initiatives

Through the Pathways to Resilience project, we are working with partners across campus to develop and implement a climate literacy curriculum that prepares every graduate to participate in positive climate actions in their professions and communities. We aspire to educate a generation of thinkers and doers who can help address climate disruptions in ways that are evidence-based and inclusive of diverse perspectives and communities.

Our overarching goals related to student learning include:

Basic climate literacy instruction: Support the development of introductory, solutions-oriented climate change curriculum content for General Education.

Career readiness climate instruction: Establish “Climate in the Disciplines” program to support the development of upper-level, career-oriented climate courses in as many academic programs as possible.

Research opportunities: Support student learning opportunities connected with faculty research and creative activities related to climate change.

Engagement opportunities: Support student learning opportunities connected with climate engagement through co-curricular programming.

“Graduating climate-literate and climate-capable workers, leaders and community members will be a tremendous service to the state of North Carolina and to the world. In addition, accomplishing these goals will establish App State as a national leader in educating for resilience in an age of global change.”

– Laura England, QEP Associate Director